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  1. The facts about fasting during Ramadan

    This information kit will help you understand the risks associated with fasting and provide tips for talking to your doctor if you are thinking about Read More
  2. TEAM Diabetes Ireland Heads Stateside

    Race Across America – This is The World’s Toughest  Distance: 3000 miles from California on the west coast to Maryland on the East Coast Read More
  3. We’re Hiring!

      Diabetes Ireland invites applications for:   1.5 WTE Regional Diabetes Development Officers   The postholders will be responsible for co-ordi Read More
  4. Diabetes at crisis point as HSE’s failure to fill posts

    Diabetes at crisis point as HSE’s failure to fill posts impacts long-term health of 150,000 patients Ring-fenced funding for diabetes posts gatherin Read More
  5. First Official Charity Partner of Triathlon Ireland

    Triathlon Ireland has announced Diabetes Ireland as the sporting organisations first ever official charity partner.  Read More
  6. UK Audit on insulin pumps

      A UK report today showed the UK lagging behind Europe for use of insulin pumps with 7% of Type 1 patients using a pump. It also stated that 19 Read More
  7. Sports Stars become TEAM Diabetes Ireland Ambassadors

    Diabetes Ireland has announced that three leading sports stars have become TEAM Diabetes Ireland Ambassadors.                       Read More
  8. Recall for 2 Lifescan blood glucose meters – update

    OneTouch Verio Pro and OneTouch Verio IQ Blood Glucose Meters Recall LifeScan has identified that the OneTouch Verio Pro and OneTouch Verio IQ Blood G Read More
  9. European study on sugar-sweetened drinks increasing the risk of diabetes

    According to a new European study out Wednesday, the regular consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks increased the risk of diabetes. According to Dora Read More
  10. Prize winners from Spring Raffle

    Winners from our recent Spring Raffle are: 1st Prize Vanessa Feehily, Enniskerry, Wicklow €2000.00 Read More
  1. Shiftwork a big challenge

    While working shifts can play havoc with any person’s diet, this can be a particularly serious issue for people with diabetes, a dietician has w Read more
  2. Taking Diabetes in their stride

    These teenagers all deal with their condition in an admiral matter of fact way…. Read more
  3. Complementary and Alternative Medicines

    People with diabetes are nearly twice as likely to use complementary and alternative medicine as people without diabetes, Professor Richard Firth Read more
  4. 50 way to cut 50 calories

    Any bit of weight loss will benefit your diabetes, writes Anne Mullan…. Read more
  5. Dealing with Toddler Trials

    It can be difficult for a family to adjust positively to a diagnosis of diabetes in a young baby or toddler.... Read more
  6. Medications – How they work and why you need them

    Dr John McDermott, described the huge variety of medications used to lower blood sugar and abolish the symptoms of diabetes Read more
  7. All you ever wanted to know about carbs

    Controlling carbohydrates can help you control your diabetes… Read more
  8. Aim for little and often – Exercise as medicine

    The key to a successful exercise habit is to find something you enjoy and do it consistently… Read more
  9. Sporting Control

    Each athlete’s experience with type 1 diabetes will be different, so trial and error and keeping a detailed log are part of long-term diabetes contr Read more
  10. Ciara Duffy Life Story

    Seventeen-year-old Ciara Duffy, who has type 1 diabetes, is not only a competitive swimmer at national level… Read more


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